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Why does our Garage Door Repair and
Maintenance Services are better?

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Why did my garage door stopped working?

Deteriorate Tension Springs

Your garage door may not be closing properly anymore.

Improper maintenance

Your garage door may be making noises or looking rusty.


Disconnected or Broken Remote

Your remote may not be working anymore.


Electrical faults

Your opener switch or motor may not be working.


The Door Is off the track

Your garage door may be closing slow or not closing at all.



Garage door not closing

There may be a mechanical issue or physical blockage.




Main Garage Door
Repair Services

What issues do you have to open
and close your garage door?

Garage Door Installation Services Cables Repair Replacement
Cables Repair / Replacement
Garage Door Installation Services Motor Repair Replacement
Motor Repair / Replacement
Garage Door Installation Services Garage Doors Maintenance
Garage Doors Maintenance
Garage Door Installation Services Springs Replacement
Springs Replacement
Garage Door Installation Services Garage Doors Off Track
Garage Door Off Track

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Yes, a garage door can typically be fixed and it's parts are replaceable.
Low quality springs will rust quickly and break within a few years as oppose to high quality springs. Another contributor to spring issues could be humidity and poor maintenance.
Yes, typically due to poor weather conditions (high humidity) and over use of the garage door. But they usually last a long time.
Typically, garage door components come with a 3-5 year warranty. Please ensure you discuss this with the installer if you want to know the exact warranty period for your installation.
A repair can typically range between $200 to $1000. The cost depends on materials and labour hours.
Between 15 to 30 years, usually the time is extended if the garage door was installed properly and is regularly maintained.
A garage door should be replaced when the cost of repair is close or equal to replacing the whole door. Replacing your door may also be due to personal preference.
Depends on the jobs, but usually repair work is completed within a day.

Main products that we repair

We have several high-quality brands for your home.


Roller Doors


Sectional Doors


Tilt Doors


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