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Garage Door Installation

Choosing Your Door

The team at KangarooGD are specialised in helping you choose the right Garage Door for your space. You might be surprised, but not every Garage Door is right for every space – for example, some Garage Doors are better fit for openings with lower headroom.

Our trusted technicians will visit your site, take measurements and explain your Garage Door options. There’s a range of Garage Door styles and designs, so the team always carries brochures and colour samples to help make the decision easier! KangarooGD even has a Garage Door showroom if you would like to see your options before making your decision.

What kind of Garage Door can I choose?

There are various types of Garage Doors.

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional Garage Doors are our most popular door. Made up of 3-5 panels (depending on the door height), Sectional or Panel Lift Garage Doors open and close quietly and seamlessly. Sectional Garage Doors are the perfect fit for smaller garage spaces, requiring less ground and ceiling space to open and close.

Tilt Garage Doors

Tilt Garage Doors offer a range of benefits. Tilt Garage Doors are made up of a single panel, that opens outwards and upwards, sliding back against rails usually secured to the interior roof. Tilt Garage Doors require very little headroom, so are great for smaller garage spaces. Tilt doors have fewer moving parts, so often have a longer lifespan than some other garage doors.

Roller Doors & Roller Shutters

Roller Garage Doors are ideal for garages and sheds. Roller Garage Doors and Roller Shutters come with more limited style and design options compared to other garage door types, Roller Garage Doors and Roller Shutters are extremely durable and perfect for compact spaces.

Custom Garage Doors

Did you know that, on average, your Garage Door takes up about 30% of the front of your house? KangarooGD offer Custom Garage Door designs to make sure your Garage Door brings your house to life. From Custom wood panelling, to adding windows and more, KangarooGD is here to make your Garage Door dreams come to life.

We know sometimes things don’t go as planned…

Garage Door Repairs

Emergency Garage Door Repairs

It’s never fun when your garage door doesn’t work as expected. It’s even more frustrating when it happens out of hours, and you’re struggling to find someone to help. Our team at KangarooGD are available 24/7 for emergency jobs.

So whether it’s you or your car locked inside the garage, or your motor has stopped working – no matter the day or hour, KangarooGD is here to help.

Where possible, we’ll fix the issue on the spot. Sometimes, we may need to break in to the door (without damaging further). If the garage door repair job requires replacement, we will provide you with a temporary solution while we order new parts. Rest assured, our team at KangarooGD will do everything we can to fix the issue.

Types of Garage Door Repair jobs

Garage Doors that won’t open or close, or get stuck halfway.

Garage Door Motors that stop working.

Garage Door Remotes that need re-programming.

The “I accidentally reversed into the Garage Door” fix.

Garage Door is making a strange noise…

Garage Door has come off its tracks.

But we can help things run smoothly…

Garage Door Maintenance

Yearly Maintenance

Now that you’ve finished with the Garage Door installation, it’s important you take care of the door. It is highly recommend yearly Garage Door maintenance to make sure your Garage Door continues to operate smoothly. For some doors, 6-monthly Garage Door maintenance may be required if they have more complex functionality.

If you’re an existing customer, the team at KangarooGD will reach out to you just before the 12-month mark to remind you of upcoming yearly Garage Door maintenance.

What does Garage Door maintenance include?

Garage Door Maintenance ranges depending on the type of garage door, the last time maintenance was conducted, any recent issues and other factors.

Usually, Garage Door maintenance includes

  • Tightening springs and releasing spring tension
  • Checking the motor is functional
  • Checking the manual override works correctly
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Tightening or replacing loose screws
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