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The Most Common Garage Door Problems & How To Fix Them

Dealing with a malfunctioning garage door is more than just a minor inconvenience. Whether it’s a garage door that won’t open and leaves your car trapped or a door that won’t close and exposes your belongings, your garage door issues can quickly escalate from nuisances to serious risks.

To maintain your garage door’s optimal performance and secure your property, it’s crucial that you understand and address common issues promptly. Delve into the most common garage door problems with us as we shed light on their causes and provide practical solutions.

Damaged weather stripping

Worn or damaged weather stripping can compromise the seal, allowing drafts and pests into your garage and leading to energy loss. It can also hinder the door’s proper closure, affecting security and insulation. Prompt repair is crucial to maintain the door’s integrity and functionality, so you should regularly inspect the seal around your garage door. If you notice cracks, gaps or any wear, replace the weather stripping to restore the door’s seal.

The garage door won’t open or close

This can be due to problems with the door’s remote control, the opener’s motor or the sensors that detect obstacles in the door’s path. If your garage door won’t open or close, check the remote control batteries first and ensure the motor unit is plugged in. Then, examine the sensors at the bottom of the door to ensure they’re aligned and free from obstruction.

Noisy operation

Squeaking, grinding or rumbling noises can indicate issues with the rollers, bearings or hinges. For a noisy garage door, lubricate the rollers, bearings and hinges with a garage door-specific lubricant. If the noise continues, inspect these parts for wear or damage. Worn components may need tightening or replacement to ensure smooth and quiet operation.

Garage door closes and then immediately opens

This can be caused by misaligned or blocked tracks and sensors or incorrect setting of the limit switches on the garage door opener. When facing this issue, realign the sensors to ensure they’re not obstructed and facing each other directly. Also, check and adjust the limit switches on the garage door opener, as incorrect settings can cause the door to reverse upon touching the ground.

If these steps don’t resolve the issue, the problem might be with the tracks or the opener mechanism, and professional service may be necessary.

Roller door repair in Sydney

When simple fixes can’t resolve your garage door issues, it’s time to call in professional help. If your garage door has many advanced features or specialised parts, such as a roller garage door, we recommend leaving any issues for our experts to resolve. From roller door repairs in Sydney to garage door installations and routine maintenance, Kangaroo GD has got you covered.

Contact us today for your Sydney roller door repairs and more.

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Maintaining Your Garage Door: Tips & Tricks For Australian Homeowners

Learning how to maintain your garage door will work wonders to ensure it maintains a smooth and safe operation for years and prevents minor issues from becoming bigger problems. With a bit of TLC and common tools most people have at home, you can ensure that a simple garage door repair in Sydney doesn’t become a costly replacement. 

If you’re adept at a little tinkering, our guide will give you the top pain points homeowners and property managers need to look out for to prolong the life of their garage doors.

1. Inspect the door

At least twice a year, look over each part of your garage door, including the opening system, tracks, hinges, etc. Observe how it performs when activated and whether it smoothly operates as expected and maintains its alignment as it opens and closes. 

While you can handle this yourself, you can call on the professionals for more than just garage door repairs in Sydney. The expert team at Kangaroo Garage Doors can perform a meticulous inspection of all parts and equipment and spot hidden defects that are yet to come to the surface, like overworked motors and springs to slightly misaligned doors or broken weather seals that can affect your house’s energy efficiency and temperature regulation.

2. Lubricate your doors to prevent issues down the line

WD-40 and other commercial lubricants offer an exceptional ability to calm and silence noisy springs and hinges, but they can also help future-proof your garage door. WD-40 has a distinct quality of being able to loosen the bonds of rust on metal so you can protect the integrity of your metal parts. Simply apply it every six months to maintain your garage door.

3. Tighten hardware

Whether you use your automatic and manual garage door daily or less frequently, its vibrations can loosen hardware that fastens your door opener, tracks and other parts to your walls and ceiling. Use a socket wrench and other appropriate tools to maintain their secure hold and ward off a garage door repair in Sydney. However, if you identify hardware requiring specialist tools, leave it to the professionals at Kangaroo Garage Doors who can safely perform the task.

4. Test the auto-reverse

Quality automatic garage doors are fitted with photocells and/or pressure sensors that detect obstacles like small children and pets to prevent your garage door from closing on them. Ensure the door’s auto-reverse function performs responsively by placing a short item on the threshold, activating your door to close and watching to check that it naturally stops and retracts itself.

Contact Kangaroo GD for all your garage door repairs in Sydney

If you’re looking for professional garage door repairs in Sydney that extend the life of your roller, tilt or sectional doors and renew them with a smoother operation, talk to the expert team at Kangaroo Garage Doors. With years of experience you can count on, our technicians have the solutions you need to have your garage door performing like new again.

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How To Choose The Right Garage Door Opener For Your Home In Australia

When it comes to upgrading to a new garage door or retrofitting your existing model, there are many options to consider when choosing a garage door opener. Whether you prioritise a quiet operation for daily use, want a model that requires minimal maintenance or one that swiftly performs, our blog will review all the options available so you can choose the best professional garage door services for your home or business.

Belt-drive garage door openers

Automatic belt-drive door openers feature a belt that’s typically made of rubber or a blend of synthetic materials like fibreglass and polyurethane. Some manufacturers may even weave steel cables for extra strength to support it as it loops around a set of pulleys to lift the door along its track when activated. They are a fantastic option for sectional, roller and one-piece tilt-up garage doors as they provide a range of benefits such as:

  • Ensuring quiet operation that’s optimal for regular use in residential areas and houses with attached garages.
  • Maintaining a smooth and fast operation that minimises wear and tear on its moving parts.

Because of their many advantages, belt-drive door openers can be more expensive than chain and screw garage door openers.

Chain-drive garage door openers

A great option for sectional, roller and one-piece tilt-up garage doors, chain-drive garage door openers use a heavy-duty chain, often made out of steel, that’s attached to a trolley system. When your automatic door is activated, the trolley and chain move back or forward to close and open the door. There are multiple advantages for choosing this type of garage door opener, including:

  • Increased durability to last several years of active use.
  • Versatile to support oversized and heavy doors.
  • They’re more affordable and suitable for cost-driven projects.

One disadvantage is that they can be noisy to run and require occasional maintenance to ensure the chain is lubricated for a smooth operation.

Screw-drive garage door openers

Ideal for sectional, roller and one-piece tilt-up garage doors, screw-drive garage door openers use a trolley system that moves up and down and twists a threaded rod to propel the door open or close. If you’re after a professional garage door service that offers the best of belt and chain types, they deliver a range of benefits, such as:

  • A more agile and quick operation to open and close.
  • Fewer moving parts result in a smoother operation and reduced need for regular maintenance.
  • They can support large and heavy doors.

While they are certainly quieter than chain-driven models, screw door openers still emit some noise which can be inconvenient if you live in densely populated areas.

Contact Kangaroo Garage Doors — the leaders for professional garage door services

When choosing a door that will enclose and seal your building for years to come, there are various pros and cons to consider before you can commit to one type of garage door opener.

That’s why you need Kangaroo Garage Doors, whose expert team will consider your needs and preferences to recommend a system that will exceed all your expectations. Contact us today for a residential or commercial garage door you can count on for extra security and ease of use.

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The Benefits Of Installing Insulated Garage Doors In Australia

With how harsh the Australian climate can get, it’s important to invest in protecting your home against the elements. While people may focus on insulating walls and roofs, your home can benefit from increased comfort and energy savings by also looking into insulated garage door installations in Sydney.

In this blog post, we will delve into why insulated garage doors are a smart investment for Australian homeowners.

Energy efficiency

Australia’s scorching summers and chilly winters create a need for insulated garage doors to act as a barrier against these temperature extremes. Effective insulation will regulate the temperature inside your garage so that it stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

As a result, you can rely less on your home’s heating and cooling systems, ultimately leading to less energy consumption and lower energy bills.

Improved comfort

An insulated garage door not only helps maintain a more stable temperature but also creates a more comfortable environment for various activities. Whether you use your garage as a workshop, a home gym or a play area for your children, insulation will make it more enjoyable all year-round. 

With an insulated garage door, you won’t have to endure sweltering heat or freezing cold while pursuing your hobbies or spending time in the garage.

Noise reduction

Many homeowners in Australia live near busy roads or noisy neighbours. Insulated garage doors can significantly reduce the amount of noise that enters your garage. This is especially beneficial if you use your garage as a living space, an office or a quiet workshop.

The insulation materials act as sound barriers, providing a quiet and more peaceful environment.

Increased durability

An insulated garage door is built with sturdier materials that can withstand varied extreme weather conditions. Since they are more resistant to extreme temperatures, moisture and the wear and tear of constant use, insulated garage doors are much more durable.

As a longer-lasting garage door, insulated garage doors can also save you money in the long run, requiring less maintenance work. 

Enhanced property value

Finally, investing in insulated garage doors can enhance the overall value of your property. The enhanced energy efficiency and increased comfort are attractive features to potential buyers in the market, making insulated garage doors a truly valuable investment.

Kangaroo GD — for all garage door installations in Sydney

Hire Kangaroo GD for your insulated garage door installation in Sydney — with the extreme climate conditions that Australian households experience, it’s an investment that pays off in more ways than one.At Kangaroo GD, we pride ourselves on being your ultimate destination for all your garage door supply needs. Choose us to handle everything from garage door installations in Sydney to repairs for commercial and residential spaces.


Garage Extension

Garage extension solve those problems of needing additional space. Especially if your wife, mother or daughter, or all three love Christmas decorations, trees, and dolls. As they accumulate over the years in garage, eventually your car cannot enter or your renovation project for a gym space is no longer feasible. 

We know that a little more space is always needed in your garage. For your car, for your equipment and that Christmas decoration you only use once a year. In today’s article, we want to cover how a garage extension can make your life easier, convenient and less stressful.

What is a Garage extension? 

A garage extension is nothing different from what its name suggests, it can be as large as your free space allows, within legislative limits and your budget. 

There are several types of garage extensions, which adapt to different needs which we are about to cover. In this article, we will find that it is important to consider both the vertical and horizontal space of your garage. As they have different implications and uses. 

Types of Garage Extensions 

Garage Extension: Add More Horizontal Space 

This type of extension is common to find in huge renovations of old houses, which usually do not have much space in the garage but in their garden. 

garage horizontal extension

With the most important resource available, free space, new areas can arise within the house, such as a new living room, a bar, fitness areas, game rooms, and a garage. 

In general, garage extensions are common in large family houses, in which there are more than 2 cars since the need arises to protect all cars from the terrible weather conditions. It is also needed for space as the family grows and accumulates more stuff that needs storage. 

Garage door choice 

A crucial point within the garage extension is the choice of the garage door. We know how annoying it can be, to leave work exhausted, drive home, and not be able to park your car in the parking lot because the door is stuck. 

As experts in the installation, maintenance, and repair of garage doors, we recommend that you do some market research so that you can choose the most appropriate door and installer for the job. Sometimes a garage job doesn’t go as plan and its usually because of installation quality or the wrong choice of garage door. 

Types of Garage doors 

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of garage doors to choose from, we will leave you with all the available options so that you can choose the one that best suits your project. 

  • Up-and-over garage door 

Up-and-over garage door 

  • Tilt garage door 


  • Roller garage door 

Roller garage door 

  • Wooden garage door 

wooden garage door

  • Rolling garage door 
  • Sectional Garage Door 

sectional garage door

  • ABS garage door 

abs garage extension

  • Custom garage door 


  • Automatic and electronic garage door 


Garage Extension: Height Elevation (Vertical) 

This type of garage extension is popular for expanding families. You may ask, how is this possible? 

Why would a new baby or some family member moving in with you will make you extend your garage? The reason is car size, bigger family cars are usually higher and require more vertical space. 

For a bigger car to park at home, you may have to make a height extension in your garage. Standard garages are usually just the right height for vehicles like sedans or sports cars. 

High-rise garage extensions are ideal for garages that do not offer enough surrounding space for expansion. Therefore, if you need additional car space, it may be reasonable to install a car lift. This will allow for additional cars, prized sports cars, and vintage cars to be stored. Additional head space can also offer more room for storage using shelves and the like. 

car lifts

How to make a vertical garage extension (by height)? 

This type of renovation requires the accompaniment of two professionals, an architect, and a contractor since it implies putting a second floor in your garage. 

The role of the architect will be to make the pertinent observations and recommendations, before the start-up of the work. 

The recommendations issued by the architect focus on informing about the structural conditions of the beams, doors and walls of the garage, that is, the base structure of the property, in order to give the go-ahead, so that the contractor can start his work. without any risk. 

The role of the contractor is to make the pertinent modifications to the expansion. 

After defining the type of garage extension, you must check if you need a Construction permit from a building certifier. 

Do I need planning permission to expand a garage in Australia? 

Extension permission is required when exceeding the legislative parameters of garage extension and the Australian acts. 

According to the Australian Garage Extension Standards, the maximum sizes must be: 

  • Individual garage: 3.0 m × 5.4 m 
  • Double Garage: 5.4 m x 5.4 m 
  • Large Garage: 6.0 m x 6.0 m 

If your renovations exceed these measures, you will probably have to go through a council approval process and ask what type of zoning or construction permit you need. This is something you need to check anyway as the rules change from time to time. 

How much does a garage extension cost in Australia? 

Garage extensions carry several costs that at first glance go unnoticed, such as adjustments to ventilation, electricity, or plumbing. 

These expenses depend on the type of expansion you want to do, if you go for basic extensions, only to guess space, it will only be the basic costs of wood, labour, and some finishing details. 

garage extension

For composite renovation, in which you decide to make the extension a frequent area, plumeria expenses will be added when adding a bathroom, installation of an air conditioning system, furniture, and decoration, among others. 

For this type of renovation, we recommend hiring an architect with whom you can find all the services through a single channel and the expansion does not become a complicated task. 

For personalized advice on what size or type of garage door you need for your extension. Contact us now, our team of experts will be attentive to your call.