Learning how to maintain your garage door will work wonders to ensure it maintains a smooth and safe operation for years and prevents minor issues from becoming bigger problems. With a bit of TLC and common tools most people have at home, you can ensure that a simple garage door repair in Sydney doesn’t become a costly replacement. 

If you’re adept at a little tinkering, our guide will give you the top pain points homeowners and property managers need to look out for to prolong the life of their garage doors.

1. Inspect the door

At least twice a year, look over each part of your garage door, including the opening system, tracks, hinges, etc. Observe how it performs when activated and whether it smoothly operates as expected and maintains its alignment as it opens and closes. 

While you can handle this yourself, you can call on the professionals for more than just garage door repairs in Sydney. The expert team at Kangaroo Garage Doors can perform a meticulous inspection of all parts and equipment and spot hidden defects that are yet to come to the surface, like overworked motors and springs to slightly misaligned doors or broken weather seals that can affect your house’s energy efficiency and temperature regulation.

2. Lubricate your doors to prevent issues down the line

WD-40 and other commercial lubricants offer an exceptional ability to calm and silence noisy springs and hinges, but they can also help future-proof your garage door. WD-40 has a distinct quality of being able to loosen the bonds of rust on metal so you can protect the integrity of your metal parts. Simply apply it every six months to maintain your garage door.

3. Tighten hardware

Whether you use your automatic and manual garage door daily or less frequently, its vibrations can loosen hardware that fastens your door opener, tracks and other parts to your walls and ceiling. Use a socket wrench and other appropriate tools to maintain their secure hold and ward off a garage door repair in Sydney. However, if you identify hardware requiring specialist tools, leave it to the professionals at Kangaroo Garage Doors who can safely perform the task.

4. Test the auto-reverse

Quality automatic garage doors are fitted with photocells and/or pressure sensors that detect obstacles like small children and pets to prevent your garage door from closing on them. Ensure the door’s auto-reverse function performs responsively by placing a short item on the threshold, activating your door to close and watching to check that it naturally stops and retracts itself.

Contact Kangaroo GD for all your garage door repairs in Sydney

If you’re looking for professional garage door repairs in Sydney that extend the life of your roller, tilt or sectional doors and renew them with a smoother operation, talk to the expert team at Kangaroo Garage Doors. With years of experience you can count on, our technicians have the solutions you need to have your garage door performing like new again.

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