When it comes to upgrading to a new garage door or retrofitting your existing model, there are many options to consider when choosing a garage door opener. Whether you prioritise a quiet operation for daily use, want a model that requires minimal maintenance or one that swiftly performs, our blog will review all the options available so you can choose the best professional garage door services for your home or business.

Belt-drive garage door openers

Automatic belt-drive door openers feature a belt that’s typically made of rubber or a blend of synthetic materials like fibreglass and polyurethane. Some manufacturers may even weave steel cables for extra strength to support it as it loops around a set of pulleys to lift the door along its track when activated. They are a fantastic option for sectional, roller and one-piece tilt-up garage doors as they provide a range of benefits such as:

  • Ensuring quiet operation that’s optimal for regular use in residential areas and houses with attached garages.
  • Maintaining a smooth and fast operation that minimises wear and tear on its moving parts.

Because of their many advantages, belt-drive door openers can be more expensive than chain and screw garage door openers.

Chain-drive garage door openers

A great option for sectional, roller and one-piece tilt-up garage doors, chain-drive garage door openers use a heavy-duty chain, often made out of steel, that’s attached to a trolley system. When your automatic door is activated, the trolley and chain move back or forward to close and open the door. There are multiple advantages for choosing this type of garage door opener, including:

  • Increased durability to last several years of active use.
  • Versatile to support oversized and heavy doors.
  • They’re more affordable and suitable for cost-driven projects.

One disadvantage is that they can be noisy to run and require occasional maintenance to ensure the chain is lubricated for a smooth operation.

Screw-drive garage door openers

Ideal for sectional, roller and one-piece tilt-up garage doors, screw-drive garage door openers use a trolley system that moves up and down and twists a threaded rod to propel the door open or close. If you’re after a professional garage door service that offers the best of belt and chain types, they deliver a range of benefits, such as:

  • A more agile and quick operation to open and close.
  • Fewer moving parts result in a smoother operation and reduced need for regular maintenance.
  • They can support large and heavy doors.

While they are certainly quieter than chain-driven models, screw door openers still emit some noise which can be inconvenient if you live in densely populated areas.

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